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Yvonne OswaldYvonne Oswald Ph.D. is a National U.S. award winning pioneer in the field of personal growth. Voted a 2010 Woman of Influence and Inspiration by the Ministry of Government Services, Ontario, and Chair of the Board of Toronto Youth Day, she is a renowned and respected Communications Trainer and Keynote Speaker, and a Master Trainer of Hypnosis and NLP.
Nominated for the COVR Visionary award for her unique CD “Mind Magic”; her way to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs in less than a minute, she has an outstanding reputation for her exciting, innovative and interactive seminars.
A British born, qualified teacher with 20+ years’ experience, Yvonne helps every audience (live, radio/television) clear issues and quantum leap their personal growth and life choices. Her best selling book, “Every Word has Power,” now in ten languages, was published by Atria/Beyond Words, who brought you The Secret.

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Every Word Has Power: Switch on Your Language and Turn on Your Life

Hurry! Why? Because this is the most powerful minute of your life right now as you make the decision to transform your life forever! This sensational new book gives you the secret keys to develop and create your own magic formula to manifest abundance, health, passion and joy on every level.

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Your Outstanding Possibilities

You are so amazing! Just breathe... Be careful! Your mind is listening... it's the biggest quantum search engine on the planet! Your self talk is 100% of your results Instruct your mind to construct your life Change your words – change our world Choice and change bring freedom Excitement is the hot-line to God Become a thought Billionaire: switch on your billionaire mind Prosperity comes easily when you have true self-worth Your values align you to your true Inner North Leap into life & Love it! You can only receive presents from God when you are in the presence of God Design your life intentionally and live an inspired life You are in the most powerful moment of your life, right now!